2020 Shannon Trail Series

Sat February 22, 2020 San Angelo, TX 76904 US Directions

Every race:

At each of the three races, awards for Top 3 Male/Female are given out for both distances (12 medals total).

End of the series:

At the end of the series (after the 3rd race), medals for top 3 male/female in the series are given out for both distances, AND medals for top 3 male/female in each age group are given out for both distances (84 medals total).

Age groups are: 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 & up.


Series Scoring:

Scoring for the short courses and long courses are done separately. You get a number of points equal to your position in your course for each race. Then, the points are added up. Whoever has the fewest points wins.

For example, if you are the 8th person to finish the 1st race's short course, you will get 8 points for that race. Then, if you are the 3rd person to finish the 2nd race's short course, you will get 3 points for that race. Finally, if you are the 5th person to finish the 3rd race's short course, you will get 5 points for that race. Your total points will be 8+3+5=16.
Points for overall and points for age group awards are separate.

See the past results to view more detailed examples.



What if two (or more) people have the same number of points?
The tie breaker is how many races were run, and then raw time: we will add up the total time for each race. Whoever has the fastest total time wins.

What if I am not able to make a race?
You must run at least TWO races to be eligible for the series awards. If you miss a race, your points for that race are equal to the number of runners + 1. (So it will be as if you got last place).

Can someone win both the overall series award and also get an age group award?
No: if you are given an overall series award, you are not eligible for an age group award. This only applies to the series awards: you can get both a race overall award and a series age group award.

Does this mean that if I am 45, then I am competing with the 20-year-olds?
For the overall series awards: yes, you are. For age group awards: no. You are only competing with those in your age group. Points are calculated separately for overall and each age group.

Can I change my distance?
Yes, just please let us know! However, if you change distances in the middle of the series, you are only eligible for series awards if you run the same distance (long or short) twice. In terms of scoring, your points will be treated as if you didn't run the other race at all. For example, if you run Race 1 Long, Race 2 Short, Race 3 Long, you are only eligible for series awards in the long course. You will be given points for race 2 as if you didn't show up for race 2 (last place+1).

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